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We serve busy business professionals. From key salespeople to the C-suite, we know our clients' needs.

We stay up-to-date on tax and legislative changes so you don't have to.

We subscribe to the fiduciary standard, putting our clients first - all day, every day.

Enjoy paying hourly fees? We don't either. Welcome to flat-fee pricing.

We know you’ve worked hard for everything you have. Our clients often set aside their own goals and passions in the name of family and career. Now you’re faced with unique financial decisions and need a partner with knowledge that’s equally distinct. If you desire more free time in your life for family or hobbies, we’re here to take complex financial matters and simplify them for you. Your purpose is our passion.



We are a group of hard-working professionals, just like you. As a 100% independent firm, we take pride in our work and enjoy helping people turn complex financial goals into simple, yet comprehensive financial plans. Unlike many other firms, we strictly work with business professionals. Why? Because we understand the nuances of corporate benefits, equity compensation and “bringing it all together” into your long-term financial plan.



For Professionals

Flat-Fee Consulting – We provide flat-fee consulting services to busy business professionals with unique corporate benefits. Our team of professionals specializes in incorporating overall financial planning needs, such as estate planning and retirement planning, with the following equity compensation benefits:

  • Incentive stock options (ISOs)
  • Non-qualified stock options
  • Restricted stock units
  • Phantom stock & stock appreciation rights
  • Employee stock purchase plans
  • Deferred compensation plans
  • Private equity plans

Fee-Based Wealth Management – We are fiduciaries and provide transparent wealth management and advisory services to our unique clients. This ongoing relationship allows us to truly partner with our clients as changes occur. We’ve learned one thing remains constant in business – change.

For Employers

We provide customized educational programs for employers with equity compensation plans. Your plans can be fairly complex by themselves, but when combined with a complicated US tax code and unique participant-level needs, it can keep some participants from “unlocking” the true potential of these benefits.

Our customized educational programs are built to fit your unique needs and can include video-based education, live instructor-led education, one-on-one consulting with a professional or all three. Contact us today for a custom quote.

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For Professionals

Flat-Fee Consulting

Comprehensive Plan

$2,000 to $5,000

This option is recommended for professionals that have never had a true financial plan prepared and for those with numerous interrelated financial goals.

A la carte

$950 per goal
(Incentive Stock Options, Retirement Planning, etc.)

This option is recommended for professionals with very specific needs that already have a comprehensive financial plan.

Wealth Management

Starting at $1,000,000

Creating a long-term wealth management relationship allows us to assist you year after year with your investment and financial planning needs. Our transparent advisory fees begin for assets of $1,000,000 and decrease at $2MM, $3MM, $5MM, $7MM and $10MM+.

For Employers

Some employers have basic needs while others are complex, so we provide customized proposals based on your specific goals. From one-time educational material to ongoing.




You’re the star of the show. We want to learn about your goals.


The fun part. We create a customized plan for your goals.


We review the plan together and make changes as needed.


We have a plan, now let’s put it in action.


As life changes, we’re here to guide you.


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